3 options of whipped butter

3 options of whipped butter

This blog post was originally written on June 1, 2015 back when I was going to launch on Wix.com.


A few months ago I was doing research to make more options of my whipped butter for people who might have felt that that even though it felt great on their skin, they needed more moisture for their hair. I also was looking into some other options for those who suffer from ecezma and psoriasis. So after doing some research I came out with two new versions of my whipped butter. The first one was Triple Threat Butter.




This whipped concotion has 3 butters in it. Shea Butter, Avocado Butter and Mango Butter.  I also still use my natural oil ingredients. This mixture felt wonderful. I thought nothing could feel as good as my Original Whipped Shea Butter formula but I gladly proved myself wrong.


My third mixture consists of the previous ingredients but also adds an extra treat. In this mixture I was trying to think of something so damn good I would want to sit in it. So after further research I decided to add a fourth butter by the name of Cupuacu (pronounced: koo-poo-ah-soo). This mixture is so amazingly soft, I couldn't believe it and neither could my mom.



I named this particular mixture Diamond in the Rough because I figured this mixture should fix even dragon scales. This is so damn smooth, I might play around with this and try it on my face as a moisturizer once I'm done with washing my face in the morning. If I thought my Whipped Shea Butter worked miracles on people from head to toe, these two new additions to the collection might have you convinced you can walk on water.


While I was at it, I decided to revamp my original label for my Whipped Shea butter line. I had some guys ask me if I would look into a more unisex looking label. I had been thinking about it for a while and decided to just change it up.


So this label has already gone into effect on some of my fragrances, it will slowly change over to the other fragrances once my pre-printed labels in the other design are all used.

I have other ideas on the horizon, especially for guy friends. I really want to do a mens line, something about guys with beards are just so damn gorgous. I have the labels all ready to go, even some concoctions written down. I just need some time in the kitchen to work my craft.

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